Multiple Rational solution for CLM andRational Insight

If you installed multiple Rational® solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management 3.0.1 on different systems, you can collect data from all the installations and run aggregate or roll-up reports by integrating with IBM® Rational Insight.


  1. Install Rational License Server 8.1.1 and the Rational Insight licenses.
  2. Install Rational Insight report server, content store database, and required development tools based on the desired deployment topology.
  3. Upgrade to Rational Insight data warehouse schema to support Rational solution for CLM. For information about migrating the data warehouse schema, see Migrating the data warehouse schema
  4. Create the Rational Insight and Rational solution for CLM Data Manager ETL catalog. For more information about creating the Rational Insight Data Manager ETL catalog, see step 9 in Creating the ETL catalog.
  5. Customize the Rational Insight and Rational solution for CLM ETL jobs to load data from the Rational solution for CLM products in each Rational solution for CLM installation. For information about customizing the ETL jobs, see Customizing the jobs.
  6. Customize the Rational Insight and Rational solution for CLM Framework Manager model.
  7. Publish the report package to the Rational Insight report server. For information about publishing the report package, see Publishing the report packages.
  8. Log in to the Rational Insight report server and run the relevant ready-to-use reports. For information about running reports, see Running reports.
  9. Create the aggregate/roll-up reports with Report Studio. For information about creating reports, see Creating reports.