Applying schema changes to user databases

After you check in a schema, you can upgrade the user databases to use the newer schema version. The changes to the schema are available only after you upgrade the user databases.

Before you begin

Upgrading a user database is an irreversible process, so it is wise to back up the user database before applying schema changes. While it is not a requirement that users be logged off before you perform a schema upgrade, it is a best practice for the following reasons:

About this task

When a user database is associated with a specific schema version, you can apply only newer versions of the same schema to the database. You cannot apply earlier versions or a different schema.


To apply schema changes to a user database:

  1. Start the Designer.
  2. In the ClearQuest® Schema Repository Explorer view, select the schema repository that contains the updated schema.
  3. Click View > ClearQuest Database Admin. The ClearQuest Database Admin view opens and a list of all the user databases appears.
  4. Right-click the user database that you want to upgrade and click Upgrade Database. The Upgrade User Database window opens.
  5. Select a schema version from the Versions list and click OK.