Database replica creation

Creating your database replicas requires careful planning and consideration part of which involves making decisions about mastership and methods of packet delivery.
Replica creation includes these phases:
  1. Store-and-forward configuration: If you will use store-and-forward, you must configure the shipping.conf file (Linux and the UNIX system) or MultiSite Control Panel (Windows) at the exporting and importing replicas.
  2. Activation: If you are replicating a database set for the first time, you must activate the database set.
  3. Export: Enter a mkreplica –export command, which creates a new replica object and a replica creation packet.
  4. Transport: Send the replica-creation packet to one or more other sites. This can be accomplished during the mkreplica –export phase by invoking the -fship option. For more information see the mkreplica reference page.
  5. Database creation: At the location of the new replica, create empty vendor databases for the schema repository and each user database replica.
  6. Import: At the location of the new replica, import the replica-creation packet by using mkreplica –import.

This procedure is the same for all methods of packet delivery and for all platforms.