Installing plug-ins using p2

Provisioning platform (p2) is an Eclipse provisioning platform that manages installation and updates. When you install software components with p2, dependencies between plug-ins are automatically resolved and the software components are automatically configured. p2 also supports the use of remote repositories for installation and update.


You can read the following topics before installing plug-ins using p2. They provide planning and technology overview information that may be useful if you are new this product or the Eclipse provisioning platform, p2.

Conceptual information icon. Provisioning platform (p2)
Conceptual information icon. IBM Installation Manager

Getting started

If you are already familiar with this product and the Eclipse provisioning platform, the following topics will guide you through the installation of plug-ins from third parties, updates from IBM, and plug-ins that you want to test in your development environment.

Installing updates from IBM
Task information icon. Using IBM Installation Manager for Enterprise Deployment
Task information icon. Installing IBM supporting software
Task information icon. Updating installed product packages from IBM
Installing third party plug-ins
Task information icon. Adding third party plug-ins to your environment
Task information icon. Installing new software
Task information icon. Updating and installing software
Installing plug-ins to test
Task information icon. Installing applications and plug-ins in the dropins folder

Web resources for learning

In addition to the information found in this infocenter, the following links provide additional learning material.

Eclipse logo. Eclipse documentation
Eclipse logo. Equinox p2 Getting Started
Help logo. Installation Manager documentation