Fixing the certificate security browser warning

To fix a browser warning that the QRadar® security certificate is not valid or not secure, you can download a certificate from the issuing URL and import it into your browser.


  1. Download the certificate authority (CA) content from the QRadar server:
    1. Download the root CA from http://<host_ip>:9381/root-qradar-ca_ca.crt.
    2. Download the intermediate CA from http://<host_ip>:9381/intermediate-qradar-ca_ca.crt.
    Tip: If you need the CA bundle, you can concatenate the intermediate CA with the root CA.
  2. Copy the CA files to your local computer, and then log out of QRadar.
  3. Import the CA into your browser by using the appropriate method for your browser:
    • Mozilla Firefox []
    • Google Chrome []
    • Microsoft Edge []
  4. Close and then restart the browser.
  5. Log in to QRadar and verify that the browser no longer displays the security warning.
    When you click the lock icon next to URL, it should say connection secure.