Allocating a license key to a host

Allocate a license key to an IBM® QRadar® host when you want to replace an existing license, add new QRadar products, or increase the event or flow capacity in the shared license pool.

Before you begin

You must upload a license key.

About this task

You can allocate multiple licenses to a QRadar console. For example, you can allocate license keys that add IBM QRadar Risk Manager and QRadar Vulnerability Manager to your QRadar console.

You cannot revert a license key after you add it to a QRadar host. If you mistakenly allocate a license to the wrong host, you must deploy the change, and then delete the license from the system. After the license is deleted, you can upload the license again, and then reallocate it. After the license is allocated to the correct host, you must deploy the changes again.


  1. On the navigation menu ( Navigation menu icon ), click Admin.
  2. In the System Configuration section, click System and License Management.
  3. From the Display list, select Licenses.
  4. Select the license, and click Allocate System to License.
    Tip: When you select System from the Display list, the label changes to Allocate License to a System.
  5. To filter the list of licenses, type a keyword in the search box.
  6. On the Allocate a System to a License window, select the host that you want to allocate the license to, and click Allocate System to License.