QRadar M6 appliance overview

The M6 appliances are the latest generation of appliances for IBM® QRadar®. You can configure the M6 appliances by using either the Lenovo System SR630 or SR650, or by using the Dell R740xd XL and designated with a -C, such as the QRadar Network Insights 1940-C.

After you install a QRadar appliance, you must apply your license keys. For more information, see License keys.

IBM QRadar appliances are certified to support a certain maximum events per second (EPS) rate. Maximum EPS depends on the type of data that is processed, system configuration, and system load. For more information, see QRadar maximum EPS certification methodology.

Update the firmware on QRadar appliances to take advantage of additional features and updates for the internal hardware components. For more information, see Firmware updates and QRadar M6 Firmware Update Procedure.