Sharing dashboard links with others

As the author of a dashboard, you can share it with other IBM® QRadar® Pulse users by sending them a dashboard link. When you share a dashboard link, other users see the dashboard in read-only mode. Any updates that you make to the shared dashboard are seen by the other users. Other users see only the dashboard items that match their privileges. For example, if they're not allowed to view offenses in IBM QRadar, they can't see them in QRadar Pulse.

About this task

Limited capabilities are available to users of read-only dashboards. Users can't see default dashboard parameter values, but they can set parameters by using the Parameters card or by drilling down within the dashboard. In addition, users can open dashboards or items in a new window and click the More options menu to see other read-only capabilities such as pinning and scaling dashboards.

Drilling down to other QRadar Pulse dashboards is preserved only if the target dashboards are also shared; the links do not appear if the target QRadar Pulse dashboards are not shared.

Users can't share dashboards that you share with them.

Users can import shared dashboards. By importing a shared dashboard, users create an editable copy that is saved separately to their dashboard list. The copy does not receive updates that you make to the shared dashboard.

You can stop sharing a dashboard at any time. If a user tries to open a previously shared dashboard, a message appears indicating that the dashboard is unavailable.


  1. Open the dashboard that you want to share, and click the Share this dashboard icon (Share this dashboard icon).
  2. To start sharing the dashboard, set Has share link to Yes, copy the provided URL, and share the URL with other users (such as by email).

    If the shared dashboard drills down to other dashboards, the target dashboards are listed. Decide whether to share the target dashboards. If you don't share the target dashboards, the drill-down links do not appear for other users.

    Trouble: If the shared link does not work, replace the link's IP address with the IBM QRadar console fully qualified domain name.
  3. Optional: To stop sharing the dashboard, set Has share link to No.
    QRadar Pulse lists the users who opened the shared dashboard so that you can see who is affected if you stop sharing the dashboard. After you stop sharing the dashboard, users who try to open the dashboard see a message that indicates that the dashboard is unavailable.


In the dashboard list, tags indicate whether dashboards are Shared by <user>, Shared by me, or if they have an Update available. To make it easier to find a particular dashboard, filter the dashboards based on these criteria.