Importing dashboards

When you import a dashboard that a colleague exported for you, you see only the dashboard items that match your user privileges. For example, if you're not allowed to view offenses in IBM QRadar, you can't see them in IBM QRadar Pulse.

Before you begin

A dashboard author sends you an exported dashboard JSON file (such as by email).

About this task

If the dashboard was exported with default parameter values, those values are used in the imported dashboard.


  1. Expand the dashboard list, and click New Dashboard.
  2. Click Import dashboard and click Add file to browse for the file location. Click Open.
  3. Click Import.
    Any conflicts with parameters or items are displayed for you to deal with. Then, click Import.

    If you select Keep both during the import process, the imported dashboard is given a numerical suffix. Edit the dashboard name to make it more meaningful to you.