iSCSI external storage device

You can configure an iSCSI storage device in a standard or high-availability (HA) IBM® QRadar® deployment.

When you configure an iSCSI external storage device, you must migrate the QRadar data that is maintained on your /store or /store/ariel file system and then mount the /store or /store/ariel file system to a partition on the iSCSI device volume.

Depending on your device configuration, you might be required to create a partition on the volume of your iSCSI disk.

If you configure iSCSI in an HA deployment and your primary HA host fails, your iSCSI device can be used to maintain data consistency with your secondary HA host.

In HA environments, review the /var/log/messages file for errors in your iSCSI storage configuration.

iSCSI configuration in standard QRadar deployments

To move data from a QRadar Console or managed host to an iSCSI storage device:

iSCSI configuration in HA deployments

To move data in an HA deployment to an iSCSI storage device: