Configuring Blue Coat SG for FTP uploads

To collect Blue Coat SG events using FTP, configure the Blue Coat SC to upload events to a FTP server using the Blue Coat upload client.


  1. Select Configuration > Access Logging > Logs > Upload Client.
  2. From the Log list, select the log that contains your custom format.
  3. From the Client type list, select FTP Client.
  4. Select the text file option.
  5. Click Settings.
  6. From the Settings For list, select Primary FTP Server.
  7. Configure the following values:
    Parameter Description
    Host The IP address of the FTP server that you want to forward the Blue Coat events.
    Port The FTP port number.
    Path The directory path for the log files.
    Username The user name to access the FTP server.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Select the Upload Schedule tab.
  10. From the Upload the access log option, select Periodically.
  11. Configure the Wait time between connect attempts option.
  12. Select to upload the log file to the FTP daily or on an interval.
  13. Click Apply.