Creating an authorized service token

Before you can enable the QRadar® Vulnerability Insights app to work with QRadar Vulnerability Manager, you must create an authorized service token.

About this task

You must have QRadar administrator privileges to create an authorized service token.


  1. On the Admin tab, click Authorized Services to open the Manage Authorized Services window.
  2. Click Add Authorized Service.
  3. Add the relevant information in the following fields and click Create Service:
    1. In the Service Name field, type a name for this authorized service. The name can be up to 255 characters in length.
    2. From the User Role list, select the Admin user role.
      The app requires the Admin user role to access to use the app or a non Admin user role must include the following capabilities:
      • Delegate Administration - Defining Network Hierarchy
      • Assets - Perform VA Scans
      • Assets - Remove Vulnerabilities
      • Assets - Server Discovery
      • Assets - View VA Data
      • Risk Manager (required only if QRadar Risk Manager is installed)
      • QRadar Vulnerability Insights
    3. From the Security Profile list, select an Admin security profile to assign to this authorized service.
    4. In the Expiry Date list, type or select a date that you want this service to expire. Otherwise, select No Expiry.
  4. Click the row that contains the service that you created, select and copy the token string from the Selected Token field in the menu bar, and close the Manage Authorized Services window.
  5. On the Admin tab, click Deploy Changes.
  6. You use this token string to paste into the Authorization Token field of the QVI Configuration page.

What to do next

Open the QVI Configuration page on the Admin tab.