QRadar Risk Manager installation overview

You install an IBM® QRadar® Risk Manager appliance as a managed host on your IBM QRadar SIEM Console. Only one QRadar Risk Manager can exist on a QRadar Console.

QRadar Console and QRadar Risk Manager use the same installation process and ISO image. After you install the QRadar Console and QRadar Risk Manager, you add QRadar Risk Manager as a managed host by using the System and License Management tool on the Admin tab. A QRadar Risk Manager appliance is preinstalled with the QRadar Risk Manager software and a Red Hat Enterprise Linux® operating system.

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QRadar Risk Manager and QRadar Vulnerability Manager licenses

IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager and IBM QRadar Risk Manager are combined into one offering and both are enabled through a single base license. The combined offering provides an integrated network scanning and vulnerability management workflow. With the base license, you are entitled to use QRadar Vulnerability Manager to scan up to 256 assets. You can integrate QRadar Risk Manager with up to 50 standard configuration sources. If you are entitled to either QRadar Vulnerability Manager or QRadar Risk Manager, you are automatically entitled to the base license allowance for the other product. You require extra licenses to scan more than 256 assets or to integrate with more than 50 configuration sources.