What's new in QRadar Incident Forensics 7.4.0

QRadar® Incident Forensics 7.4.0 introduces changes to the files that are used to install and upgrade your deployment.

To view the complete list of new features, see What's new in QRadar Incident Forensics 7.4.0.

Isolated installation file for QRadar Incident Forensics

In previous releases, the QRadar Incident Forensics installation and upgrade files included QRadar Network Insights. In 7.4.0, each product has a separate .iso file for new installations.

The process to upgrade your deployment does not change. Only a single file is required, but you must ensure that you download the .sfs file that includes QRadar Incident Forensics.

The following examples show what the file names might look like on IBM® Fix Central:
  • New QRadar Incident Forensics installations:


  • Upgrades to existing QRadar installations that include QRadar Incident Forensics:


    This .sfs file upgrades the entire QRadar deployment, including QRadar Incident Forensics and QRadar Network Insights.

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