Adding a proxy server

You can add a proxy server to mediate between IBM® QRadar® and the TAXII server. Using a proxy server can also provide added security when you poll a TAXII server.


  1. On the Threat Intelligence page, click Add Threat Feed > Configuration.
  2. Enter the protocol, IP address, port number, proxy user name, and password in the relevant fields in the Configuration page.
    Note: QRadar Threat Intelligence uses the HTTP protocol to communicate with TAXII. Use port 443 to connect.
  3. Click Validate. When you receive a valid proxy configuration message, click Save.
    Important: If you are upgrading from V1.1.0 to V1.1.1 - V1.1.3, the proxy information is missing in the Configuration page. Reenter the proxy settings (proxy IP, port, username, and password) after the upgrade is completed.

What to do next

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