Viewing device configuration history

You can view the configuration history of a network device.

About this task

You can view history information for network devices that were backed up. This information is accessible from the History pane on the Configuration Monitor page. The history pane provides information about a network device configuration and the date that the device configuration was last backed up using Configuration Source Management.

The configuration displays the type of files that are stored for your network device in IBM® QRadar® Risk Manager. The common configuration types are:
  • Standard-Element-Document (SED), which are XML data files that contain information about your network device. Individual SED files are viewed in their raw XML format. If an SED is compared to another SED file, then the view is normalized to display the rule differences.
  • Config, which are configuration files that are provided by certain network devices. These files depend on the device manufacturer. A configuration file can be viewed by double-clicking the configuration file.
Note: Depending on your device, several other configuration files might be displayed. Double-clicking these files displays the contents in plain text. The plain text view supports the find (Ctrl +f), paste (Ctrl+v), and copy (Ctrl+C) functions from the web browser window.


  1. Click the Risks tab.
  2. On the navigation menu, click Configuration Monitor.
  3. Double-click a configuration to view the detailed device information.
  4. Click History.
  5. On the History pane, select a configuration.
  6. Click View Selected.