QRadar Vulnerability Insights app

The IBM® QRadar® Vulnerability Insights app queries vulnerability data from the IBM QRadar asset database and presents this data in graph format, so you can quickly assess the vulnerabilities in your network.

At a glance, you can review the status of vulnerabilities in your network by viewing the QRadar Vulnerability Insights graph.

The QRadar Vulnerability Insights app is supported on QRadar 7.3.1 Fix Pack 7 or later.

Important: After installing a QRadar Fix Pack update, you must apply automatic updates to ensure that the QRadar Vulnerability Insights app continues to receive vulnerability data. For more information, see Manually installing automatic updates (https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/qsip/7.4?topic=updates-manually-installing-automatic).

QRadar Vulnerability Insights 1.2.0 is only supported on QRadar 7.3.3 Fix Pack 6 or later, 7.4.1 Fix Pack 2 or later, and 7.4.2 GA or later.

QRadar 7.4.0 does not support UBI/Python3 apps. For more information, see QRadar: Applications, CentOS 6, and Python 2 End Of Support.