Validating an extension package

Use IBM QRadar Pre-Validation to test whether your QRadar® app meets the development standards and requirements.

Before you begin

There are several key steps to get your compressed file ready for submission either by using the QRadar Pre-Validation app or by using the App Submission portal. All extensions published to the IBM Security App Exchange must include a manifest.txt and must be signed by your IBM-issued certificate. Your extension will not pass validation unless these files are included. For more information, see Publishing Your Extension.


  1. Click Pre-Validation on the QRadar Console.
  2. Upload the compressed file by using one of the following methods:
    • Drag the compressed file of your extension to the Drag & Drop area.
    • In the Drag & Drop area, click Browse, and then locate and open the compressed file of your extension.
    Validation starts automatically after the compressed file is uploaded. You can click Stop to terminate the validation process.
    Note: After clicking Stop, it may take up to one minute for the process to actually stop. Do not click Stop repeatedly.


Uploading might take several minutes to complete. You can click Cancel to stop the process.

What to do next

Read the validation report.