QRadar Advisor with Watson subscription information

When you register for QRadar® Advisor with Watson™ using your email address, the system determines whether you have an IBMid account. If you do not have an account, the system prompts you to create an IBMid account. QRadar Advisor with Watson uses the email address as your identification.


If you do not have an IBMid, you will receive an email confirming that your QRadar Advisor with Watson purchase was successful, but an IBMid is needed. The email contains a link to create your IBMid.

The following image shows a sample registration email:
Customer registration email example


After you create an IBMid, or if you have an existing IBMid, and the entitlement process is complete, you will receive an email that confirms the subscription was assigned. You can now download, install, configure, and use QRadar Advisor with Watson.

The following image shows a sample entitlement email:
Entitlement email example
Note: Only a single email is entitled to register for a QRadar Advisor with Watson subscription. If you want to change the registered email, contact IBM® Support.