Pairing managed hosts

Pair your main site host with a destination site host. You can manage the pairing of hosts from either the main site or the destination site. To pair IBM® QRadar® Network Insights hosts, the QRadar Network Insights hosts need to be single unstacked appliances that are the same type and have the same appliance number.

  1. On the primary QRadar Console or the destination site, click Admin > Data Synchronization app.
  2. To filter your hosts, select any or all of the following check boxes:
    • Appliance type
    • Appliance ID
    • Data Synchronization state
    • Status
  3. In the Managed hosts table on the console, select a host.
  4. From the list of managed hosts that are configured in the other system, select the host that you want to pair and click Pair.
    Only one host can be paired at a time.
  5. If the pairing information is correct in the Pairing hosts window, click Confirm pairing.