Managing offenses by user

Use Quick Insights in the QRadar® Operations app to manage how offenses are distributed among users for investigation. You can't view offenses by user in IBM® QRadar.

Offenses are grouped by using pie charts. To manage offenses by user, you can click the Open Offenses by User pie chart or the Closed Offenses by User pie chart. When a pie chart is clicked, a list of offenses relating to the section of the pie that you selected displays below the pie charts. You can't sort and view offenses by user in IBM QRadar.

About this task


  1. Click the navigation menu icon, and then select Offenses from the list.
  2. To view opened and unassigned offenses, click on a piece of the Open Offenses by User pie.
  3. To view offense details, select an offense from the Open Offenses list that displays below the pie charts.
    Figure 1. Open Offenses by User
    Open Offenses by User
  4. To assign an offense to a user, complete the following steps:
    1. Click the offense Id in the Open Offenses list below the pie charts.
    2. From the Offense (Summary) page, click Actions > Assign.
    3. On the Assign To User page, select a user, and click Save.
  5. To view offenses closed by user, click Closed Offenses by User.