Implementing a factory reset

A factory reset returns the QRadar® Data Synchronization app to its original state, and removes any mapping and configuration changes that were made. A factory reset also removes any Ariel copy profiles and firewall rules that were made.

Consider implementing a factory reset when you reset your deployment (converting from the destination site to the main site). You might also want to implement a factory reset if you have no other options when you troubleshoot an issue.

During a factory reset QRadar Data Synchronization completes the following tasks:
  • Clears the configuration in the app.
  • Clears the mappings that the app tracks.
  • Resets any firewall rules that the app configured on the deployment.
  • Resets the dr.conf file on the deployment.
  1. Open the Data Synchronization app menu on the site you want to reset and click Factory reset.
  2. Read the disclaimer and click Reset to continue.
    A warning dialog appears stating that the Data Synchronization app and the QRadar appliance will be returned to a state before Data Synchronization app data activation.
  3. Click Reset to begin the factory reset process.
    Note: A factory reset resets one site of the paired deployments at a time. You must run the factory reset on both sites.