Customizing your charts and dashboard

You can customize how you view dashboards by arranging charts and adding or removing charts as you need them. You can also customize each chart on the dashboard and download the information from each chart as a CSV file.


  1. To customize a dashboard, rearrange the layout of charts as you like. Resize charts to emphasize certain ones.
  2. To remove a chart from the dashboard, select Remove from the chart's menu.
  3. From the dashboard option menu, you can customize the dashboard by doing any of the following items.
    • Add and remove charts from the dashboard
    • Refresh the content of all charts immediately, instead of waiting for the next scheduled refresh time
    • Pause the refresh timer
    • Configure the time interval for all charts
    • Reset the dashboard to its original settings
  4. You can also customize individual charts by using the option menu to do the following:
    • Configure the time interval
    • Refresh the content of the chart immediately
    • Configure the amount of data shown and the order it appears
    • Remove the chart from the dashboard
    • Download the chart as a CSV file
  5. On some charts, you can select the settings icon to configure the row height which changes the size of information that is displayed on that chart.