Ariel synchronization status

You can view the status of the Ariel copy to confirm that it is running normally.

After synchronizing the Ariel data, view the Status column on the QRadar Data Synchronization home page to check the status of Ariel copy. If Ariel copy is running normally, the app displays the status of the Ariel copy as OK. However, if the status message is Error, Ariel copy failed to run for the past five intervals or more.

For example, if your Ariel copy interval is configured to run every 1 minute, the status displays Error if it fails to run for 5 minutes.

If Ariel copy fails, it might indicate a network connectivity issue or an authentication issue with the SSH keys that are generated during the host pairing process. To investigate issues with Ariel copy, view detailed logs in /var/log/qradar/qdr/qdr.log

Ariel copy bandwidth limit too low

If the bandwidth limit is set too low, the Ariel copy function might fall behind and lose the ability to maintain synchronization. In this scenario, if you increase the bandwidth limit it might not take effect. If so, try forcing the settings to be applied by running the command systemctl restart ariel_copy on the main site or the destination site during a main site failure. To run the command across your entire deployment, run the following /opt/qradar/support/ -C "systemctl restart ariel_copy".