SNMP trap configuration

IBM® QRadar® uses the Net-SNMP agent, which supports various system resource monitoring MIBs. They can be polled by Network Management solutions for the monitoring and alerting of system resources. For more information about Net-SNMP, see Net-SNMP documentation.

In IBM QRadar, you can configure a rule to generate a rule response that sends an SNMP trap when configured conditions are met. QRadar acts as an agent to send the SNMP traps to another system.

A Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap is an event or offense notification that QRadar sends to a configured SNMP host for additional processing.

Customize the SNMP configuration parameters in the custom rules wizard and modify the SNMP traps that the custom rule engine sends to other software for management. QRadar provides two default traps. However, you can add custom traps or modify the existing traps to use new parameters.

For more information on SNMP, go to the The Internet Engineering Task Force ( website and type RFC 1157 in the search field.

Important: SNMPv3 rule responses are sent out as SNMP informs and not traps.