Asset Management

Assets and asset profiles that are created for servers and hosts in your network provide important information to assist you in resolving security issues. Using the asset data, you can connect offenses that are triggered in your system to physical or virtual assets to provide a starting point in a security investigation.

The Assets tab in IBM® QRadar® provides a unified view of the known information about the assets in your network. As QRadar discovers more information, the system updates the asset profile and incrementally builds a complete picture about the asset.

Asset profiles are built dynamically from identity information that is passively absorbed from event or flow data, or from data that QRadar actively looks for during a vulnerability scan. You can also import asset data or edit the asset profile manually. For more information, see the topics Importing Asset Profiles and Adding or editing an asset profile in the IBM QRadar User Guide.

Restriction: IBM QRadar Log Manager tracks only asset data if IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager is installed. For more information about the differences between QRadar SIEM and QRadar Log Manager, see Capabilities in your IBM QRadar product.