Creating a user account

When you create a new user account, you must assign access credentials, a user role, and a security profile to the user. User roles define what actions the user has permission to perform. Security profiles define what data the user has permission to access.

Before you begin

Before you can create a user account, you must ensure that the required user role and security profile are created.

About this task

You can create multiple user accounts that include administrative privileges; however, any user role with Administrator Manager privileges can create other administrative user accounts.


  1. On the Admin tab, click Users.
    The User Management window opens.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter values for the following parameters:
    Parameter Description
    User Name Enter a unique username for the new user. The username must contain 1 - 60 characters.
    User Description Enter a description for the user. The description cannot contain more than 2048 characters.
    Email Enter an email address to be associated with this user. The address cannot contain more than 255 characters, and cannot contain spaces.
    New Password Enter a new password for the user to gain access. The password must meet the minimum length and complexity requirements that are enforced by the password policy.
    Confirm New Password Enter the new password again.
    User Role Select a role for this user from the list.
    Security Profile Select a security profile for this user from the list.
    Override System Inactivity Timeout Enable this setting to configure the inactivity timeout threshold for the user account.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Close the User Management window.
  6. On the Admin tab, click Deploy Changes.