QRadar Vulnerability Manager and QRadar Risk Manager

QRadar® Vulnerability Manager 7.4.0 introduces a new search parameter to identify controversial vulnerabilities, and enhancements to vulnerability exceptions. IBM QRadar Risk Manager 7.4.0 introduces improved support for Juniper Networks JUNOS Network Address Translation.

Controversial vulnerabilities search parameters

QRadar Vulnerability Manager v7.4.3 includes new search parameters that leverage vulnerability data that is retrieved from multiple scanners. The Found by Scanner and Not Found by Scanner parameters provide the following benefits:
  • Reduce data set redundancy through the removal of duplicate vulnerabilities.
  • Improve quality of results by reducing potential false positives.
  • Compare vulnerabilities discovered by multiple scanners to improve scanning techniques and identify shortcomings.

Enhancement to vulnerability exceptions

QRadar Vulnerability Manager v7.4.2 removes a limitation that allowed users to create exceptions for only one vulnerability instance in an exception rule. You can now create rules that include exceptions for multiple vulnerabilities.

QRadar Risk Manager support for JUNOS Network Address Translation (NAT)

IBM QRadar Risk Manager v7.4.1 introduces improved support for Network Address Translation (NAT) functionality in Juniper Networks JUNOS devices to cater to service-sets. NAT provides increased security for your IBM® QRadar deployment because requests are managed through the conversion process and internal IP addresses are hidden. Unlike other devices that perform NAT, JUNOS NAT functions use expansion cards to perform the NAT process.

For more information about the Juniper Networks JUNOS adapter, see the Supported adapters section of the QRadar Risk Manager adapter configuration guide.