QRadar application framework

The IBM® QRadar® V7.4.0 application framework introduces support for multi-tenanted apps.

Run apps in a multi-tenant environment

QRadar V7.4.0 includes support for multi-tenanted apps. Several apps, such as IBM QRadar Pulse, IBM QRadar Assistant, and IBM Log Source Management, can now be used in a multi-tenant environment.

App developers can now mark that their app has been tested and works in a multi-tenanted environment. There are two forms of multi-tenancy support:
  1. The app is tested and works with multi-tenancy, but it is not multi-tenancy aware. When a user installs the app, they are presented with the option to create a default instance. Users can select this option if they only want a single instance of the app, or the app does not need to support multi-tenancy. If a user does not select the Default Instance option, they must create a separate instance for each customer and associate each instance with a security profile to keep all client data separate.
  2. The app is tested and is multi-tenancy aware. In this case, only one instance of the app is necessary. This type of app is also beneficial if the app is designed to be used only by administrators.