Migrating from an App Node to an App Host

As of QRadar® V7.3.2, App Nodes are no longer supported. If you are upgrading to QRadar V7.3.2 and you have an App Node in your deployment, you must back up your App Node data before you complete the upgrade. You can repurpose your App Node as an App Host appliance after you back up the App Node data and remove the App Node from your deployment.

Before you begin

  • If you are installing an App Host and you do not have an App Node in your deployment, see Installing an App Host.
  • You must contact Q1PD@us.ibm.com to ensure that the required entitlements are set up for your migration from App Node to App Host. Your email subject line should read App Node to App Host migration.
  • Ensure that all apps on your system are updated.
  • Resolve any issues with applications in an error state or not displaying properly.
  • Schedule a maintenance window for this task and ensure that users do not do any of the following during the migration.
    • Do not install or uninstall apps.
    • Do not do a full deploy.
    • Do not do a restore.
    • Do not delete the App Host.
    • Do not re-IP the Console.


  1. Use ssh to log in to your system as the root user.
  2. Mount the QRadar V7.3.2 SFS on your Console to /media/updates.
  3. Create a backup archive of your App Node data and remove the App Node from your deployment by typing the following command on your Console.
    The script outputs a backup archive on the App Node that is called /store/app-docker-volumes-<date_and_time_stamp>.tgz, and an MD5 checksum. The script also removes the App Node from your deployment.
  4. Make a copy of the backup archive and note the MD5 checksum.
  5. Upgrade your QRadar Console to V7.3.2.
  6. Install your App Host and add the App Host to your deployment. See Installing an App Host.
  7. Copy the backup archive to the App Host.
  8. Restore your App Node data on the App Host by typing the following command on your Console.
    /opt/qradar/bin/app_node_data_restore.py -a <apphost_IP_address> -f <path_to_archive_on_apphost>
    /opt/qradar/bin/app_node_data_restore.py -a -f /store/app-docker-volumes-2018XXXXXXXXXX.tgz
    The script checks the integrity of the archive by confirming the MD5 checksum, and then extracts the archive to the /store/docker/volumes directory.
  9. Sign in to the QRadar user interface.
  10. Click Admin.
  11. On the System and License Management screen, click Migrate.
  12. Click Proceed to complete the migration from the App Node to the App Host.
    Note: The more apps and app data you have, the longer the transfer takes.


Your apps are running on the App Host.