Configuring your CorreLog Agent system for communication with QRadar

For the procedure to configure your Correlog Agent system for communication with QRadar®, see the CZA - CorreLog Agent for z/OS® manual that you received from CorreLog with your Agent for z/OS software distribution.

About this task

Use the following sections of the CZA - CorreLog Agent for z/OS manual:
  • General considerations in Section 1: Introduction.
  • Procedure in Section 2: Installation.
  • Procedure in the Section 3: Configuration.

    Ensure that you complete the Tailoring the Installation for a Proprietary Syslog Extension/IBM® QRadar instructions.

    When you start the CorreLog agent, if QRadar does not collect z/OS events, see the Troubleshooting topic in Section 3.

  • If you want to customize the optional CorreLog Agent parameter file, review QRadar normalized event attributes in Appendix G: Fields.