Known issues

The IBM QRadar Pre-Validation app has required information for known issues.

All Versions

  • Extensions that are exported from QRadar® versions 7.3.3 or later might not be recognized by the QRadar Pre-Validation app. For example, you might see the following message: “The provided version (2019.18.3.20200606144505) is not in correct format.”


  • In cases of a failed installation, open the Extensions Management window to reinstall the app. For more information, see Installing the QRadar Pre-Validation app.
  • Security check for Python codes might generate false-positive results.
    Table 1. Security check for Python codes false-positive instances
    Test Cases Examples
    B608: hardcoded_sql_expressions
    Note: This issue can occur when writing the QRadar Ariel Query Language (AQL) for database query.

    hardcoded_sql_expressions: Possible SQL injection vector through string-based query construction.

    Test ID: B608

    Severity: MEDIUM

    Confidence: LOW

    File: ./example/1001/app/ariel/

    More info:

    300 last_time={last_time}, ml_watched={mlwatched} \

    301 WHERE user='{user}'".format(risk=risk,

    302 reported=reported, latest_event=latest_event,

  • Pressing the Tab key does not cycle through the user interface elements within the app. You can use the mouse only to navigate and take actions.
  • When you use Python 2.7 by setting PATHSTART environmental variable, the Dependency of Python check might fail. You can examine /store/log/ startup.log in the application container instance to see whether there are any errors during instance initialization.