QRadar on Cloud work items that require a support ticket

IBM® Security professionals manage your IBM QRadar® on Cloud infrastructure. Providing as much information as possible can help IBM to better help you.

Important: Some service authentication tokens do not work for integrations that require admin tokens. The authorized tokens with admin permissions are called Admin tokens.

The following table describes the work items that require a support ticket.

Table 1. QRadar on Cloud work items
Work item Description Information that you need to provide
Authentication   Contact support for any authentication issues.
Backup Configuration backup occurs nightly. The specific time to take the backup if it is scheduled outside of the normal backup time.
Restore Restore a daily backup. The date of the backup to restore, from the last week.
System settings System settings are used to configure settings for databases, authentication, Consoles, and more. Which setting and value you want to change. For more information about system settings, see the IBM QRadar SIEM Administration Guide.
Deleting user accounts The user account defines the unique username that is used to log in to IBM QRadar, and specifies which user role, security profile, and tenant assignments the user is assigned to. For more information about user accounts, see User management.
Authorized tokens The admin tokens are created only for apps that are on the app exchange. IBM customer support applies the admin token to the app configuration for you. Contact customer support for admin permission.