Tracking flow data trends over 24 hours

In this example, you learn how to create a time series chart to track all flow data from a specific interface over the last 24 hours.


  1. Click Configure dashboard.

    The Configure dashboard screen displays a library of available widgets, with details about each widget.

  2. Click Create new widget.
  3. On the New Dashboard Item page, enter Flow data over 24 hours as the name and provide a description.
  4. Select AQL as the data source, set the Refresh Time to every 5 minutes, and enter the following AQL query in the AQL Statement field:
    select MIN(starttime) as 'Start Time',
    count(*) as 'Flow Count'
    from flows
    GROUP BY starttime/60000
    ORDER BY 'Start Time' DESC
    last 24 HOURS
  5. Set the Results Limit to 1000, and click Run Query.
  6. In the Views section of the page, enter Flow Data over 24 hours as the View Name and select Time Series Chart.
  7. Select Start Time for the Time x-axis and choose Custom Series.
  8. Select Flow Count for the y-axis.
  9. Click the More options icon.
    1. Leave the Axis Label as Flow Count.
    2. Select Linear as the Line shape, and Line as the Line mode.
  10. Click Save.
  11. On the Configure dashboard screen, ensure the new widget is selected, and click Save.


The chart might look similar to the following example:
Time series chart that shows flow data trend