Data Gateways

You connect to IBM® QRadar® on Cloud through a data gateway. You can install the data gateway on a physical appliance, or on a virtual machine either on your own server, in Microsoft Azure, or in AWS.

The data gateway version that you install must be the same version as the QRadar on Cloud console that you are using.

Third-party software on data gateways

IBM QRadar is a security appliance that is built on Linux, and is designed to resist attacks. QRadar is not intended as a multi-user, general-purpose server. It is designed and developed specifically to support its intended functions. The operating system and the services are designed for secure operation. QRadar has a built-in firewall, and allows administrative access only through a secure connection that requires encrypted and authenticated access, and provides controlled upgrades and updates. QRadar data gateways do not require or support traditional anti-virus or malware agents, or support the installation of third-party packages or programs.

Prerequisites and system requirements

See QRadar on Cloud onboarding for prerequisites and system requirements for installing a data gateway.

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