Oracle Fine Grained Auditing

The Oracle Fine Grained Auditing DSM can poll for database audit events from Oracle 9i and later by using the Java™ Database Connectivity (JDBC) protocol.

To collect events, administrators must enable fine grained auditing on their Oracle databases. Fine grained auditing provides events on select, update, delete, and insert actions that occur in the source database and the records that the data changed. The database table dba_fga_audit_trail is updated with a new row each time a change occurs on a database table where the administrator enabled an audit policy.

To configure Oracle fine grained auditing, administrators can complete the following tasks:

  1. Configure on audit on any tables that require policy monitoring in the Oracle database.
  2. Configure a log source for the Oracle Fine Grained Auditing DSM to poll the Oracle database for events.
  3. Verify that the events polled are collected and displayed on the Log Activity tab of IBM® QRadar®.