Configuring a Nokia Firewall for OPSEC

You can configure Nokia Firewall by using OPSEC.


  1. To create a host object for your IBM® QRadar®, open up the Check Point SmartDashboard GUI, and select Manage > Network Objects > New > Node > Host.
  2. Type the Name, IP address, and an optional comment for your QRadar.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Select Close.
  5. To create the OPSEC connection, select Manage > Servers and OPSEC Applications > New > OPSEC Application Properties.
  6. Type the Name and an optional comment.

    The name that you type must be different from the name in Configuring a Nokia Firewall for OPSEC.

  7. From the Host drop-down menu, select the QRadar host object that you created.
  8. From Application Properties, select User Defined as the Vendor Type.
  9. From Client Entries, select LEA.
  10. Select Communication and enter an activation key to configure the Secure Internal Communication (SIC) certificate.
  11. Select OK and then select Close.
  12. To install the policy on your firewall, select Policy > Install > OK.

    For more information on policies, see your vendor documentation. You can now configure a log source for your Nokia Firewall in QRadar.