Juniper Networks IDP

The Juniper IDP DSM for IBM® QRadar® accepts events using syslog. QRadar records all relevant Juniper IDP events.

About this task

You can configure a sensor on your Juniper IDP to send logs to a syslog server:


  1. Log in to the Juniper NSM user interface.
  2. In NSM, double-click the Sensor in Device Manager.
  3. Select Global Settings.
  4. Select Enable Syslog.
  5. Type the Syslog Server IP address to forward events to QRadar.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Use Update Device to load the new settings onto the IDP Sensor.

    The format of the syslog message that is sent by the IDP Sensor is as follows:

    <day id>, <record id>, <timeReceived>, <timeGenerated>, <domain>, <domainVersion>, <deviceName>, <deviceIpAddress>, <category>, <subcategory>,<src zone>, <src intface>, <src addr>, <src port>, <nat src addr>, <nat src port>, <dstzone>, <dst intface>, <dst addr>, <dst port>, <nat dst addr>, <nat dst port>,<protocol>, <rule domain>, <rule domainVersion>, <policyname>, <rulebase>, <rulenumber>, <action>, <severity>, <is alert>, <elapsed>, <bytes in>, <bytes out>, <bytestotal>, <packet in>, <packet out>, <packet total>, <repeatCount>, <hasPacketData>, <varData Enum>, <misc-str>, <user str>, <application str>, <uri str>

    See the following syslog example:

    [ dayId="20061012" recordId="0" timeRecv="2006/10/12 21:52:21" timeGen="2006/10/12 21:52:21" domain="" devDomVer2="0" device_ip="<IP_address>" cat="Predefined" attack="TROJAN:SUBSEVEN:SCAN" srcZn="NULL" srcIntf="NULL" srcAddr="<Source_IP_address>" srcPort="63396" natSrcAddr="NULL" natSrcPort="0" dstZn="NULL" dstIntf="NULL" dstAddr="<Destination_IP_address>" dstPort="27374" natDstAddr="NULL" natDstPort="0" protocol="TCP" ruleDomain="" ruleVer="5" policy="Policy2" rulebase="IDS" ruleNo="4" action="NONE" severity="LOW" alert="no" elaspedTime="0" inbytes="0" outbytes="0" totBytes="0" inPak="0" outPak="0" totPak="0" repCount="0" packetData="no" varEnum="31" misc="<017>'interface=eth2" user="NULL" app="NULL" uri="NULL"]