Overview of QRadar Vulnerability Manager

Important: The IBM® QRadar® Vulnerability Manager scanner is end of life (EOL) in 7.5.0 Update Package 6, and is no longer supported in any version of IBM QRadar. For more information, see QRadar Vulnerability Manager: End of service product notification (https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/6853425). In QRadar 7.5.0 Update Package 6 and later, you can continue to use third-party scanners with your QRadar Vulnerability Manager platform, but you cannot scan within your DMZ.

IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager is a third-party scanning platform that detects vulnerabilities within the applications, systems, and devices on your network.

QRadar Vulnerability Manager uses security intelligence to help you manage and prioritize your network vulnerabilities. For example, you can use QRadar Vulnerability Manager to continuously monitor vulnerabilities, improve resource configuration, and identify software patches. You can also, prioritize security gaps by correlating vulnerability data with network flows, log data, firewall, and intrusion prevention system (IPS) data.

You can maintain real-time visibility of the vulnerabilities that are detected by third-party scanners. Third-party scanners are integrated with QRadar and include HCL BigFix®, Guardium®, AppScan®, Nessus, nCircle, and Rapid 7.

Unless otherwise noted, all references to QRadar Vulnerability Manager refer to IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager. All references to QRadar refer to IBM QRadar SIEM and IBM QRadar Log Manager and all references to SiteProtector refer to IBM Security SiteProtector.