Publishing flow logs to an S3 bucket

Complete these steps to publish flow logs to an S3 bucket.


  1. Log in to your AWS Management console, and then from the Services menu, navigate to the VPC Dashboard.
  2. Enable the check box for the VPC ID that you want to create flow logs for.
  3. Click the Flow Logs tab.
  4. Click Create Flow Log, and then configure the following parameters:
    Table 1. Create Flow Log parameters
    Parameter Description

    Select Accept, Reject, or All.

    Destination Select Send to an S3 Bucket.
    S3 Bucket ARN

    Type the ARN for the S3 Bucket.

    • arn:aws;s3:::myTestBucket
    • arn:aws:s3:::myTestBucket/testFlows
  5. Click Create.

    For more information about publishing flow logs to Amazon S3, see the Publishing Flow Logs to Amazon S3 documentation on the AWS website.

What to do next

Create the SQS queue that is used to receive ObjectCreated notifications.