Installing QRadar Network Threat Analytics

If you configured the IBM® QRadar® Assistant app, you can use it to download and install IBM QRadar Network Threat Analytics. Alternatively, you can download the app from the IBM Security App Exchange and use the Extensions Management tool to install it.

Before you begin

Before you install the QRadar Network Threat Analytics app, ensure that your deployment meets the minimum system requirements.

To upgrade to a newer version of the app, first uninstall the app and then reinstall it. When you reinstall the app, the baseline process starts after you supply the authorized service token.


  1. To use the IBM QRadar Assistant app to download and install the app, follow these instructions:
    1. Open the IBM QRadar Assistant app, and click the Applications tab.
    2. In the Search field, type Network Threat Analytics.
    3. Select the app in the list to see the full description.
    4. Click Install and then click Accept Terms to download and install the app.
    For more information about using the QRadar Assistant app, see QRadar Assistant app.
  2. To use the Extensions Management tool to install the app, follow these steps:
    1. Download the QRadar Network Threat Analytics app archive from the IBM Security App Exchange ( onto your local computer.

      You must have an IBM ID to access the App Exchange.

      Tip: Search for Network Threat Analytics to find the app.
    2. On the QRadar Console, click Admin > Extensions Management.
    3. In the Extensions Management window, click Add and select the app archive that you want to upload to the console.
    4. Select the Install immediately checkbox and click Add.
      Important: You might have to wait several minutes before your app becomes active.
    5. When the installation is complete, clear your browser cache and refresh the browser window before you use the app.


If the app installed successfully, you see it listed in the Installed list on the Extensions Management page of the Admin tab. If the app didn't install correctly, see QRadar apps troubleshooting.

What to do next

Use a supported browser to configure the app to use an authorized service token. You must provide an authorized service token in order for the app to start creating the network baseline.