Installing a QRadar data gateway

You connect to IBM® QRadar® on Cloud through a data gateway. Install the data gateway on a physical appliance, or on a virtual machine.

Before you begin

Ensure that your appliance meets the data gateway system requirements. See System requirements for data gateways.

Schedule a maintenance window for this task and ensure that users do not deploy changes while the data gateway is being added to your deployment.

Ensure that you have the following information:

  • The token for QRadar on Cloud.
  • The full host name of the console that you connect to through your gateway appliance.

About this task

  • Data gateways must be installed one at a time. If you are installing more than one data gateway, wait until you complete installation of one before you install the next one.
  • You set a root password as part of the installation process. You cannot change this password until after the installation process is complete. The root password is also the gateway host password.


  1. Choose your installation method.
  2. Power on the appliance.
  3. To start the installation wizard, type root at the login prompt. If you are prompted for a password, type password.
  4. Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) that is displayed.
    Tip: Press the Space bar key to advance through the document.
  5. Use the QRadar on Cloud Self Serve app to generate a token for your data gateway and allowlist the data gateway's IP address. For more information, see Access management to the console.
  6. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
    1. In the Appliance Install window, select Data Gateway Appliance.

      Appliance Install

    2. In the Data Gateway Appliance Assignment window, select Event Collector Gateway 7000.

      Appliance Assignment

    3. In the Network Information Setup window, do not use an IP address in the network range. You must use a static IP address. Do not change this IP address. Leave the Public IP field blank. Give each gateway a unique host name. The gateway host name cannot be the same as the console host name, and cannot be qradar.
    4. In the Deployment Configuration window, enter the fully qualified domain name for the console, and the token for QRadar on Cloud.
    5. In the Internet Access window, select A direct connection.

    After you configure the installation parameters, a series of installation messages are displayed. The installation process can take several minutes.

  7. After you receive your token, because the appliance restarted after the previous step, open the superuser shell again by typing the following command:
    sudo su -
  8. Exit the superuser shell by typing the following command:
  9. If an Interim Fix is available for your QRadar on Cloud environment, download the Interim Fix from Fix Central (
    Tip: To see if an Interim Fix is available for your QRadar on Cloud environment, log in to the Console as a saas-admin user, go to the navigation menu (Navigation menu) and click About.
  10. To apply the Interim Fix on the data gateway, see the Release Notes for the Interim Fix that you want to install.

What to do next

After you install your Data Gateway, you cannot access it by using SSH. To enable the Data Gateway by using SSH, see Can a Data Gateway be accessed by using SSH? (