Modifying the event map

Modify an event map to manually categorize events to a QRadar® Identifier (QID) map.

About this task

Any event that is categorized to a log source can be remapped to a new QRadar Identifier (QID).

Note: Events that do not have a defined log source cannot be mapped to an event. Events without a log source display SIM Generic Log in the Log Source column.


  1. On the Event Name column, double-click an unknown event for McAfee Web Gateway.

    The detailed event information is displayed.

  2. Click Map Event.
  3. From the Browse for QRadar Identifier pane, select any of the following search options to narrow the event categories for a QRadar Identifier (QID):
    • From the High-Level Category list, select a high-level event categorization.

    • From the Low-Level Category list, select a low-level event categorization.

    • From the Log Source Type list, select a log source type.

    The Log Source Type list gives the option to search for QIDs from other log sources. Searching for QIDs by log source is useful when events are similar to another existing network device. For example, McAfee Web Gateway provides policy events, you might select another product that likely captures similar events.

    To search for a QID by name, type a name in the QID/Name field.

    The QID/Name field gives the option to filter the full list of QIDs for a specific word, for example, policy.

  4. Click Search.

    A list of QIDs are displayed.

  5. Select the QID that you want to associate to your unknown event.
  6. Click OK.

    QRadar maps any additional events that are forwarded from your device with the same QID that matches the event payload. The event count increases each time that the event is identified by QRadar.

    If you update an event with a new QRadar Identifier (QID) map, past events that are stored in QRadar are not updated. Only new events are categorized with the new QID.