Changing the view of widget data

You can change widget views or add widgets with different views in your dashboards so that you can see data from other perspectives.

About this task

In this scenario, you want to add a pie chart view of the Events per user chart to the Miscellaneous metrics dashboard. By default, the dashboard displays the bar chart view.


  1. To change the view of a dashboard chart, click More options > Settings to flip the card, and select the view to display.
  2. To add another view of the dashboard chart, complete the following steps:
    1. From the Miscellaneous metrics dashboard, click Configure Dashboard, and scroll down the list to find the item names of the chart view you want to add to the dashboard.
      Figure 1. Different views for one chart
      Image showing different views for one chart
    2. Click Add for each view you want to add to the dashboard, and click Done.


Both chart views are available on the dashboard.
Figure 2. Two views of the same chart
Image showing two views of the same chart