Configuring Advanced Threat Protection Feed licensing

The Advanced Threat Protection Feed provides you with machine-readable, actionable indicators that directly integrate with your security tools, such as firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and SIEMs, through open standards.

Before you begin

You must have an IBM ID for accessing X-Force Exchange API and generating an X-Force Exchange API key and password. Register for an IBM ID at IBM X-Force Exchange. To request an Advanced Threat Protection Feed, go to

About this task

You can get additional features by subscribing to the Advanced Threat Protection Feed service.

  • Default: Download basic X-Force Exchange threat feeds from Threat Feeds Downloader.
  • Advanced Threat Protection Feed subscription: Download basic and ATPF exclusive threat feeds and run an Am I Affected scan.


  1. Log in to the IBM X-Force Exchange website with an active IBM ID.
  2. View your user profile, and then go to the Settings page to create a new API key and password pair.
    • Ensure to save your password for future use. You can view the API key but not the password when you revisit the IBM X-Force Exchange website.
    • Your API key and password is associated with your IBM ID, and is not allowed to be shared with others.
  3. From the navigation menu on the Threat Intelligence dashboard, click the App Settings icon (Icon for app settings).
  4. Click the API Settings tab, and then configure the following settings.
    Option Description

    API Key

    A unique code that is passed in to an API to identify the calling application or user.

    API Password

    The password that is associated with your IBM ID to access the API.

    ATP Feed update interval

    The frequency to update the Advanced Threat Protection Feed from X-Force Exchange.

  5. Click Save Configuration.

What to do next

Configure the Am I Affected settings.