Utilities for configuring AWS services for QRadar Cloud Visibility

On the Utilities tab, you can review your network hierarchy, CloudTrail, GuardDuty, and VPC Flow log sources.

Depending on your user role, you might not be able to fix potential configuration problems in the Overview tab. You might also not be able to modify information on the Log Sources and Network Hierarchy tabs. However, you can view the information on each page. To modify information on the Log Sources tab, ask your administrator to grant you the "Manage Log Sources" permission. To modify information on other tabs, ask your administrator to grant you system administrator permissions.

Overview tab

The Overview tab shows you general information about your content extensions, log sources, and other configuration details.
  • Check for updates for the content extensions. When you click Check for updates, you are redirected to the IBM® Security App Exchange to update your content extension.
  • View log sources and ensure that at least one CloudTrail, one GuardDuty, and one VPC flow log source are detected. When you click View log sources, you are redirected to the Log Sources page where you can see which log sources you installed.
  • Ensure that the specified credentials are valid, and check to make sure that policies are properly defined.
  • Verify that you are using the most current version of QRadar® Cloud Visibility.
Figure 1. Overview tab
Shows the overview tab on the utilities page as described in the previous list