Installing a certificate for a log source protocol

Some log source protocols require a certificate so that IBM® Disconnected Log Collector can communicate with the target server. You install the certificate by running a script command.

About this task

The following protocols require a certificate:

  • Akamai Kona REST API
  • Amazon AWS REST API
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Blue Coat WSS REST API
  • Cisco Firepower eStreamer
  • Microsoft Azure Event Hubs
  • Salesforce REST API

Ensure that you set the getCerts parameter to no in the logsources.json file for these protocols.


  1. Log in to the Disconnected Log Collector computer or VM as the root user.
  2. Go to the /opt/ibm/si/services/dlc/1.2.0.master.version/script directory.
  3. Run the following command:
    ./ <>

    You do not have to restart Disconnected Log Collector after you have installed the certificate.