Changing the spillover memory and disk usage settings

If you are using TLS over TCP to send log messages to IBM® QRadar®, IBM Disconnected Log Collector uses the configured memory and disk space to buffer log messages. You can change these values to meet your storage requirements for the hardware that you are using.

Disconnected Log Collector buffers events if there are more events than the configured events per second (EPS) rate or if Disconnected Log Collector is offline. Events are buffered in memory and, when the maximum is reached, the events are saved to spillover files on your hard disk.

The file specifies the memory settings in the following properties:

Note: The value that is specified for is overridden by the following line in the /opt/ibm/si/services/dlc/<version>.master.#####/eventgnosis/config file:
<parameter type="Number">50000</parameter>  		<!-- qMemCapacity -->

The spill file settings are defined by the following properties:

  • ecs-dlc_dlc_TCP_TO_QRADAR.max.files
  • ecs-dlc_dlc_TCP_TO_QRADAR.max.file.size.mb

The default values use 477 100 MB files.


  1. Log in to the Disconnected Log Collector computer or VM as the root user.
  2. Open the /opt/ibm/si/services/dlc/conf/ file in a text editor.
  3. Change the following values to set the in memory buffering:
  4. Change the following values to set the spill file settings:
  5. Save and close the file.
  6. Restart Disconnected Log Collector by typing the following command:
    systemctl restart dlc