Upgrading QRadar Threat Intelligence

To take advantage of new capabilities, defect fixes, and updated workflows, upgrade to new versions of IBM® QRadar® Threat Intelligence. You must be an administrator to upgrade to new versions of the app.

About this task


  1. If the IBM QRadar Assistant app is configured on QRadar, use the following instructions to install QRadar Threat Intelligence: QRadar Assistant app (https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SS42VS_latest/com.ibm.apps.doc/c_qradar_adm_assist_app.html).
  2. If the QRadar Assistant app is not configured, download the QRadar Threat Intelligence app archive from the IBM Security App Exchange (https://apps.xforce.ibmcloud.com/) onto your local computer. You must have an IBM ID to access the App Exchange.
    1. On the Admin tab, click Extension Management.
    2. In the Extension Management window, click Add and select the app archive that you want to upload to the console.
    3. Select the Install immediately checkbox.
      Important: You might have to wait several minutes before your app becomes active. When the installation is complete, clear your browser cache and refresh the browser window before you use the app.
    4. In the window that prompts you to update the current app version, leave the Replace existing items option selected, and click Install.