Configuring an AWS Verified Access log source that uses an S3 bucket with a directory prefix

If you want to collect AWS Verified Access from a single account and region in an Amazon S3 bucket, configure a log source on the QRadar® Console so AWS Verified Access can communicate with QRadar by using the Amazon AWS S3 REST API protocol with a directory prefix.

About this task

If you have log sources in an S3 bucket from multiple regions or that use multiple accounts, use the Amazon AWS REST API protocol with an SQS queue instead of with a directory prefix.

Restriction: A log source that uses directory prefix can retrieve data from only one region and one account, so use a different log source for each region and account. Include the region folder name in the file path for the Directory Prefix value when you configure the log source.


  1. Find an S3 bucket name and directory prefix.
  2. Create an Amazon AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user and then apply the AmazonS3ReadOnlyAccess policy.
  3. Configure the security credentials for your AWS user account.
  4. Add an AWS Verified Access log source on the QRadar Console using a directory prefix.